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Established in 2001, Willowbrook Education began life manufacturing a small range of products to help schools who were introducing ‘Literacy Hour’ as part of the government’s National Literacy Strategy.

Over the last decade, our product and furniture ranges have grown to over 1000 lines, all available in a variety of wood finishes and edging colours, making the most impressive of educational furniture widely available.

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Our Environmental Responsibility

  • We have the latest software that optimises our production output of raw materials, resulting in the lowest amount of waste offcuts. All offcuts are fed into a burner which produces heat for our buildings on site.
  • We actively try and achieve a zero-waste to landfill solution. For this reason, all Willowbrook packaging is recyclable.
  • We’re currently looking at electric delivery vehicles for the Willowbrook fleet. We’re also investing in self-sustainable power solutions to operate completely off-grid.
  • We’re ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 accredited, and have been for several years, ensuring our management of the business and our environmental impact is managed carefully.