Classroom Furniture, from Start to Finish

Willowbrook Education are the UK’s leading manufacturer of school furniture, offering superb quality, great value and brilliant service. Manufacturing for over 20 years.

Our Company: Willowbrook Education

Established in 2001, Willowbrook Education began life manufacturing a small range of products to help schools introduce ‘Literacy Hour’ as part of the government’s National Literacy Strategy.

We’re based in picturesque Lincolnshire, overlooking the stunning Rutland Water – one of the biggest reservoirs in Europe. It’s okay to be jealous, we love it too.

About US

We Use Various Raw Materials, Such As:

  • Wood: 18mm MDF, MFC, Plywood, Duraply
  • Soft Furnishings: Foam, Polyester, Cadet
  • Metal – steelwork. 

We’ve established a long-term, reliable supply chain which allows us to guarantee continuity of supply. Subsequently, our wooden product range has grown to over 1000 products with 5 wood finishes and a selection of edging colours. Combined with our enormous range of soft seating furniture, we offer one of the most exciting and impressive school furniture ranges around the UK.

We’re Constantly Upgrading

Willowbrook Education is a Batch Size 1 Manufacturer. And over the last few years, we’ve invested heavily into software, machinery, and a highly automated manufacturing facility to meet demand.

Each year we undertake new product development to create compelling and up to date furniture for schools to enjoy for years. 

We’re bespoke specialists and will quote and supply products for projects of all sizes across all sectors: Education, NHS, Healthcare, and many other public sector organisations.

Acorn – Our Soft Seating Branch 

In 2018, we took a massive step toward incorporating upholstery into our school furniture. 

Acorn was born!

Acorn is our soft seating division which offers over 400 lines in numerous fabric options and colours. We’ve recently produced a range of printed designs on our soft seating that features bright fruit and vegetables, picturesque landscapes, bugs on grass, and much more.

Acorn Products

Lead Times & Delivery

At Willowbrook, we don’t outsource your furniture. The components are built, cut out, treated, and assembled on site. We have a transport fleet of large vans, crewed by a single driver who has all the right tools and equipment to manoeuvre your goods safely. 

Typically, our lead times are 4-5 weeks. However, during the busier months, this can be extended. We can also have certain smaller items delivered via couriers, so they carry a lead time of less than one week! 

Please Note: Our lead times are currently 5 weeks.

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Expert Personnel

Get in touch

Our sales, marketing, research, design, and admin teams are among the best in the country, though we are biased. Our staff have cultivated long-term relationships with schools and educational facilities across the nation through our dedicated customer service team. 

We also employ fitters who can come and install furniture like teaching walls to ensure the units are safe and securely in place. 

Browse Our Teaching Walls!

We’ve specially designed our teaching walls to incorporate technology and storage space, with some learning walls including a teacher’s desk! Did you know that we fit the teaching walls, too? We’ll arrange installation before delivery to ensure your needs are fully catered. 

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Our Credentials and Environmental Responsibility

We have the latest software that optimises our production output of raw materials, resulting in the lowest amount of waste offcuts. All Willowbrook packaging is recyclable.

Product Information

At Willowbrook, we pride ourselves on the quality furniture we produce, using the best (and most suitable) materials to ensure superior school furniture. Our ranges have been designed with schools and teachers in mind; however, we also supply other market sectors like universities, hospitals, and community centres. 

Our bestsellers include classroom storage, library furniture, paper storage, table & chairs, cloakroom furniture, and soft seating. 

Our Wooden Products & Ranges

  • 18mm MDF with an 8mm back (not chipboard). Available in 5 finishes: Beech, Maple, Oak, White, and Grey.
  • All edging is 2mm thick.
  • Units with a ‘back’ are grooved and secured on all sides of the unit. 
  • Most of our units are available as mobile or static. Regardless they both have the same height dimensions!
  • All shelves, cupboards and bookcases have a safety feature to ensure children cannot pull the shelves off the unit.
  • Our tray units have anti-finger-trapping hinges and are German-made, providing unrivalled quality. The handles are also solid steel with a chrome finish – not plastic. 
  • We are the only wood manufacturer to produce curved sides and edge units.
  • We send units with locks with the same key number that we use throughout, with two keys supplied. Lockers are the obvious exception where individual lock numbers are required for security.
  • Our paper storage and planchests are all free gliding with a full extending 650mm runner (similar to those found in kitchen drawers). Most manufacturers will opt not to use runners due to installation, but we take care of that for you here at Willowbrook! 
  • KubbyClass® is our colourful wood range, featuring lime, red, blue, powder blue, lilac, and orange backs, tops, and plinths! Relax with a picture book in our Reading Nook, or disappear into a story in a KubbyClass® hideaway – the possibilities are endless. 
browse kubbyclass®

Products & Warranties

  • We perform SATRA tests on all products to ensure peace of mind and quality. 
  • Warranties: 10 Years on Wood Products, 5 Years on Soft Seating Products
  • We operate under the current trademarks: KubbyClass®, Willowbrook® and KubbyKraft®. 

Cloakroom Range

  • Our cloakroom coat hooks have a lifetime guarantee. They are virtually unbreakable, eliminating sharp edges and other hazards resulting from broken metal. 
  • We laser cut the tubing, which is folded and welded to create a superior range. All units also come with adjustable floor brackets on each leg. 
  • Like all Willowbrook furniture, there are no exposed edges of timber. Our in-house machinery can laser cut pockets into the tubing for the solid 32mm slats to ensure a snug fit. 

Classroom Tray Units

  • Almost all of our tray units house Gratnells® Trays which are the UK’s No.1 selling tray on the market. Known for their colour variations and excellent build-quality.
  • We also manufacture another range which uses Certwood Crystal Clear Trays, highly durable and great with our tray units. 
  • If cost is a consideration then why not try our units without trays?
  • Our tray units come in a range of different heights, widths, and colours – meaning you won’t have any issues matching a product to your aesthetic.

Library Furniture

  • We offer bespoke and off-the-shelf options for library furniture, as we understand the importance of making that perfect library space. 
  • We’re one of the UK’s leading library product manufacturers. 
  • We have several ranges relating to library furniture, including Accento, Britannia, Colore!, Folio, and KubbyKurve!
  • Willowbrook began life manufacturing furniture specifically for libraries, so we know our stuff when it comes to promoting these spaces.