Completely Transform your School Library


Whether you’re on a budget, sticking to a colour scheme, or looking for the latest equipment – our school library design service promises quality results.

Our Process

From Concept to Installation

Whether you’re an academy, school, college or university, Willowbrook Education specialise in library space planning for schools and can create the perfect library design solution for your needs.

We take your vision from the initial idea to designs and plans, then right the way through to production and your library installation (for an additional fee). Our process works with your learners at top of mind, at your convenience, and we ensure minimal disruption to daily school life.

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Expert Library Design Service for Your School

We want to make your library the hub of your school; a place for students to socialise and learn. We understand that a modern school library needs to be flexible, inviting and energising, ready for a wide range of learning activities.

Thoughtfully created to add motion and flow, ensuring your library space is a social and visually engaging area. 

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Creating a Flexible Learning Environment

Our versatile library furniture for schools can be used to create areas and zones that could be dedicated to different subjects, genres or activities.

Large group work areas can be arranged for whole classes, or small reading dens, filled with enticing reading nook furniture, can be made for readers hoping to get lost in a good book.

Choose from a mix of bright or muted colours, our school library designs give a contemporary look that will energise students and transform any room into a magical school library where children will want to read.

We use a wide range of soft seating to create group circles, break out areas and fun hideaways that spark imagination.

KubbyClass® Library
Our Process

More Than Just School Library Design

Our market leading range of educational furniture has been developed working directly with schools and by our own team of experienced in-house designers. No matter how big or small your school library design or classroom project may be, we can create the perfect learning space.

Don’t forget, our design service is free for libraries, reading corners, classrooms, learning walls and whole school fit outs, too! We’re happy to help with the hard work, when it comes to bringing brilliant design to your school, we go the extra mile. Whatever your requirement, talk to us today for a free, no obligation design.

Teaching Walls

Our market leading range of educational teaching walls, learning walls, and storage walls make a brilliant addition to any classroom.

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Create your own storage-friendly learning environment with our trendy range of Kinderboxes. Built with18mm MDF and are available in 5 wood finishes.

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Study Carrels

Our carrels can be used as a sole learning station or placed together to create a central study zone to seat multiple students.

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Please send a separate email with attachments of some photographs of the room at different angles & any images/drawings to accompany that will aid us in redesigning your school library. 

You can email any attachments to and leave the subject as your name. Thanks! 

Please Note: While we don’t offer site visits, we are more than happy to work from images or drawings. If you’re unsure, just give us a call on 01780 721115!