Acorn Soft Seating: 5 Benefits of Comfy Seats for School Children

Today on the Willowbrook Blog we are talking about all things comfy!

Flexible and comfy seating has now become a trend in educational settings, and with students sitting for up to 7 hours, it is important for them to be comfy. Allowing the children to sit comfortably will reduce the amount of effort and energy wasted trying to stay upright, this means that the children you’re teaching will find it easier to carry out activities.

Here are 5 benefits as to why comfy seating would benefit your classroom…


Not only can comfy seating benefit the children’s learning in the classroom, but it can also allow for further development of postural control, increasing independence. A comfier, more upright position can improve head control, eye contact communication and social skills.

Improved Learning

When a child is in a classroom that they love and enjoy, their learning will improve. A child with a relaxed mind learns better. So, if you’re wanting to improve the concentration and learning levels in your classroom, look at their surroundings… what could you change or add?


For younger children in Primary Schools and Nurseries, sensory experiences are a key part of their development. Acorn Soft Seating has something for everyone, this soft seating range creates a fun, bright and creative area for early years and primary. Acorns range of bean bags are perfect for that sensory experience.

Safe & Easy

As well as soft seating is perfect for children, it is great for teachers. If you want to keep your classroom safe, and clean… Acorn is for you. Acorn bean bags are upholstered in a robust and long-lasting yet soft to the touch showerproof fabric, so they are easily wipeable!

Better Attendance

Teachers who have chosen to adopt flexible seating have discovered several benefits. When swapping out their seating, they noticed better attendance, more care for their classroom and more positive attitudes, to learning and towards each other.

If you’d like to explore our extensive range of Acorn Soft Seating products, please follow the link below.

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