What is a Teaching Wall?

teaching wall, otherwise known as a storage wall or learning wall, is a specialist piece of classroom furniture. Teaching walls are typically found at the front of the classroom and feature student trays, interactive whiteboards, and private storage space.

A teaching wall serves many purposes and provides immediate solutions to several problems teachers face in the classroom. Below, we’ll discuss the purpose of teaching walls and why they’re quickly becoming an established part of the classroom environment.

Organisation Creates a Distraction-Free Classroom

As a teacher, having all of your teaching aids within reach is super handy. But how does a teaching wall combat distractions in the classroom? One of the most significant issues teachers face is keeping students’ attention, and in 2021 this isn’t an easy task.

The teaching wall neatly addresses this by putting everything away behind closed doors. An organised classroom means students aren’t distracted by classroom clutter, other students, and various stimuli that divert a student’s attention away from the lesson.

Teaching from a Central Position

Another common issue teachers face is that sometimes classroom layouts mean some students may be able to see more than others. Specifically, teachers may be concerned with how practical their lessons are for students sitting at the back or side of the classroom. A teaching wall offers the teacher the ability to confidently conduct the lesson from a central classroom position, capturing the attention of every student.

Teaching walls can be structured to include a smartboard or interactive whiteboard at the centre of the wall. This centralised placement benefits students who struggle to see as they often won’t make the teacher aware.

An Increase in Classroom Space

We know that classrooms can sometimes lack the space required for interactive teaching, negatively impacting a student’s learning experience.

The storage solutions offered by a teaching wall are vital for any teacher. They maximise storage space by having everything to hand on one wall. Teaching walls also make the classroom safer for teachers and students. Bundled wires and items on shelves are a thing of the past due to the efficient and private storage space that a teaching wall offers. Since everything’s in one place, teachers have the freedom to trial desk arrangements for various classroom exercises.

Between its sleek design, classroom inclusivity, and capacity to consolidate learning resources into one space, a learning wall is a huge asset and is fast becoming a classroom essential.

Willowbrook Education’s Range of Teaching Walls

The Storage Wall

16 Cupboards with Gratnells Trays

The classic storage wall features an abundance of storage space – ideal for Design & Technology classrooms and art and craft spaces. You could even fit an entire small classroom in there. Just don’t forget about your classroom tables!

The Learning Wall

10 Cupboards with A4 Gratnells Trays and a space for whiteboard

Another timeless classic, Willowbrook’s Learning Walls enhance teaching by using a singular focal point at the unit’s centre (usually an interactive whiteboard or large screen). This central focus helps eliminate distractions and improves student concentration.

The Cupboard Wall

24 Cupboards available in 5 colours.

The Cupboard Wall. Or as we like to call it: THE ULTIMATE CUPBOARD. This unit features four top cupboards, four middle cupboards, and four-floor cupboards of all equal sizing.

The OneStore Teaching Wall 1.0

cupboard storage space with space for an interactive whiteboard and sliding doors.

The OneStore 1.0 creates a neat and ordered classroom with efficient storage space, ideal for keeping students focused and minimising distractions. We’ve also incorporated a desk into this design, with a removable back panel inside a low cupboard to access data and power ports easily.

The OneStore Teaching Wall 2.0

A onestore teaching wall 2.0

And finally, the OneStore 2.0 includes two sliding whiteboard doors which teachers can use for writing and teaching. The whiteboard doors are also soft-closing (to avoid finger-trapping). Everything about this learning wall screams “smooth!”.

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