Kids sitting on Acorn bean bags

Acorn Soft Seating – The Hottest Seat(s) In The House (Classroom)

Hi everyone and welcome to the very first post on the weekly Willowbrook Blog, how very exciting (and incredibly nerve wracking).

Today we want to scream and shout about the incredible Acorn Soft Seating range, our line of upholstered seating and bean bags that have been invigorating learning spaces across the country since early 2020.

Entirely hand crafted by our team of upholsterers and seamstress’, the vibrant colours, exciting patterns and lively designs have added a dimension that classrooms, libraries and many other spaces were crying out for, it’s never been easier to get children into the classroom and excited about being there.

I remember being sat in classrooms for an hour at time and being so uncomfortable in my seat that it was all I could focus on, I couldn’t tell you what happened or what we learned about because I wasted the hour shuffling around trying to get comfortable, not to mention whatever had been stuck to the bottom of it, scribbled on top of it or which crack in the chair was going to pinch which part of skin this time, unpleasant at best…

So why are we here? Telling you all of this? Because frankly, we have the solution.

From the innovative, interlocking shapes of our early years range, to the exciting and modern appeal of our reception seating, we consider ourselves to be pioneering comfort in the classroom and workspace. Going forward we want this to be an informative and educational blog where questions are answered and ideas are conceived, all the while being an interesting and social experience, but today we just wanted to to show off how proud we are with what we’ve done at Acorn.

Our thought for this week comes from Martin our upholsterer and he would like to know “If you could change one thing about the classrooms that you learned in, what would it be?” even though he laughs that its been a while since he was in a classroom.

Thank you so much for reading, we would love to see you back here next week and be sure to give us a call or drop by our website to take a look at Acorn Soft Seating for yourselves,

From everyone here at Willowbrook, we wish you all the best for the week ahead!

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