Retro Mod Desk and Trays

Product Spotlight: RetroMod & Utile Table

Today on the Willowbrook Blog we are talking all things desks!

Here at Willowbrook Education, we are celebrating National Handwriting Day (January 23rd), and what better way than to share some of our favourite desks with you?

Utile Whiteboard Table:

This Whiteboard table allows a new and exciting style of teaching in the classroom. Work as a group on new ideas, presentations and much more, then easily flip the tabletop up to present to the class. A fun way of learning and presenting that will encourage team activities and boost confidence. The perfect way for teachers to quickly assess how well a class is grasping a concept too!

RetroMod – Student Study Desk:

Our newest addition to the Willowbrook Catalogue.. the RetroMod Desk! As well as it is an excellent solution to social distancing in the classroom, it’s great for storage – textbooks, workbooks, pencils and craft materials can all be safely put away into the storage section of the desk, preventing any cross-contamination of materials and work. These desks are also a great way to promote and encourage independent learning and problem solving for all students.

Available in two heights, and suitable for a range of age groups.

Our RetroMod Desk matches the KI Postura+ Chairs and Gratnells Trays, also both perfect additions to the classroom for that aesthetic look.

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