Willowbrook Pigeonholes

Product Spotlight: Pigeonhole Units

Join us in making a Coo about our revamped Pigeonhole Units.

Today on the Willowbrook Blog, we want to disprove the old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as we look to exhibit our revised pigeonhole units.

We worked hard to reinvent not only the image but the functionality of the pigeonhole unit, from the orthodox, accepted pieces that everyone had grown accustomed to, to the stylish, contemporary pieces that we deal in today.

The perfect solution for sorting post and distributing mail, all of our pigeonhole units are of a solid 18mm MDF construction, and all of the sleek acrylic shelves are fully adjustable, allowing you to create bespoke spaces to best suit your needs.

Rigid in their construction while maintaining their fluid versatility is what makes these pieces an office essential.

The particulars? Our Pigeonhole Units are available in 5 stunning finishes, being: Beech, Oak, Maple, Grey and White, they have a diverse choice of three bases, meaning you can choose from having an added desk, storage cupboards underneath or even our high capacity base for the complete Pigeonhole Unit.

Margaret from Westfield Primary School in Lincolnshire says “It’s completely changed how we deal with our post, we save time not running around to give it to everyone, they all know to find it in their own pigeonhole, and we don’t lose anything anymore!

If you would like to explore our extensive range of Pigeonhole Units for yourself then please follow the link below and as always, all the best from everyone here at Willowbrook.


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